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Rikka Double Spinner Pin


Tikka Double Spinner Pin With Spinning Hands.

1. To protect the spinner joints pins are packaged in a small padded disposable jewelry box.
2. Spinner joints are a little firm to keep the hands from flopping around. You will probably need to manually spin them. Firmness of spinner joints come in varying degrees. Spinner pins are a novelty item, but damn, they are cool.
3. The Tyrant's Eye is the strongest

- Soft enamel pin
- Black coated metal
- 2 spinning hands
- 2" tall x 1.3” wide
- 8 enamel colors
- 2 white rubber back clutches
- Comes in 3x3x1” padded cardboard box
- Shipped in bubble-mailer

Art sourced from meme

Pin quality is graded on being wearable for casual use.
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  • Image of Rikka Double Spinner Pin
  • Image of Rikka Double Spinner Pin